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Method For Measuring The Polarity Of Current Transformer

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極性測試應在電流互感器交接with檢修前后進行,To prevent polarity errors during wiring,This may cause the protection device to operate incorrectly,Relay protection circuit and metering circuit are not measured correctly。therefore,Polarity testing must be performed before the current transformer is put into operation。

Current transformer polarity marking

Method for measuring polarity of current transformer

use1.5 ~ 3VThe dry battery connects its positive pole to the primary coil of the transformerL1,willL2Connected to the negative,The secondary side of the transformerK1Connected to the positive side of the mA meter,Connect the negative pole toK2。After wiring,willKPositive deviation from the pointer of the milliampere meter,Pull back to the negative deviation of the mA meter pointer,It indicates that the end of the transformer connected to the positive pole of the battery is the same polarity as the end connected to the anode of the milliampere meter.,which isL1withK1Same polarity,That is, the transformer polarity is reduced。If the direction of the pointer is opposite to the above direction,Then indicates that the polarity is additive。

2.Exchange method

Connecting the current transformer primary coil and secondary coil with wiresL2withK2,Applied on the secondary side1 ~ 5VAC voltage(Small measuring range),use10VThe following voltmeter measurementU2和U3。in caseU3=U1-U2Is reduced in polarity。

U3=U1U2Is the polarity。note:In the process of testing,Minimize input voltage,In order to avoid excessive current damage to the coil。In order to see clearly,The voltmeter should be as small as possible。When the converter ratio is lower than5Time,Communication method is simpler、更準確。不要用這種方法測量轉換器比率超過10的變壓器。由于U2較小,U3靠近U1,電壓表讀數不容易區分,所以測量時不容易區分,用這種方法測量極性一般是不合適的。




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