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ON Semiconductor-Based Lidarlidartechnical Design

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Lidar is a ranging technology。In recent years,It has been increasingly used in advanced driver assistance systems(ADAS)、Gesture Recognition、3DDrawing and other applications。Especially in the automotive field,隨著sensorFusion的趨勢,Lidar will image、Ultrasonic and millimeter wave radar combined,Complement each other,Provide a full range of awareness for the car,Pave the way for safer autopilot。ON Semiconductor offers a comprehensive sensor solution,Leading in technology。Among market leaders,Single photon avalanche diode(SPAD)Silicon photomultiplier(SiPM)Sensor technology provides completeLiDARsolution,Including system、傳感器、Output and laser driver solutions。

ON Semiconductor's completeLiDARProgram

Lidar system has six main hardware function modules:emission、receive、Beam control、Optics、Output and power management。Typical lidar system block diagram1Shown。among them,ON Semiconductor is availableSiPM/SPAD、Laser driver reference design、Power management、Zoom in and process、Timing、Histogram、Point cloud generation and even system etc.。Mature simulationSiPMProducts includecseries、jSeries andrseries。The system includesSiPMArray scanLiDARPresenter(Scanning distance is exceeded100Meter)、融合SiPMAnd image sensorFUSEONEAnd the latest400 x 100 SPADArrayPandion。

Based on the design of laser radar technology, ON Semiconductor
Figure1:Typical lidar system block diagram

What is Spanish、Spanish andToFlanguage

SPADIs a photodiode operating in Geiger mode,It is like a photon trigger switch“open”or“turn off”status。SiPMBy multiple independentSPADSensor composition,Each sensor has its own annihilation resistor,Thereby overcoming a singleSPADThe disadvantage of not being able to measure multiple photons at the same time。flight duration(ToF)Is to send a light pulse to the target,Then the time required for the sensor to receive the light returned by the target。Through the speed of light andToF,Can calculate the target distance。This concept is very simple,But it faces many challenges in the real world.,Including harsh environments,Such as lighting conditions、Low reflectivity target and long distance。There are currently twoToFMeasurement technology:Single laser pulse method and multiple laser pulse method。Single laser pulse method(Single laser pulse method)Means measuring the return time of a single pulse at a time,High signal to noise ratio。Multiple laser pulse method(Multi-laser pulse method)Refers to the return time of multiple pulses at a time,And get the distance from the histogram data。If the signal to noise ratio is improved,就可以實現更長distance的檢測。ToFLidar can be used in many applications,Robot、Unmanned aerial vehicle、industry、mobile、Automated data acquisition system and autonomous augmented reality(AR)/Virtual Reality(VR)Wait。

SiPMwithSPADIs emerging as a new laser radar detector

SiPMwithSPADAble to detect200Above m、距離5%Low reflectivity target。They also work in excellent resolution in bright sunlight。They are becoming emerging laser radar detectors,Because their systems are integrated into the car,As small as possible,Solid state design。

Lidar sensor requirements

1.Strict consistency

becauseSiPM/SPADWorking in Geiger mode,So it is difficult to control product consistency。ON Semiconductor is currently capable of mass production in the worldSiPMThe true supplier of the product。It provides millions of sensors with very consistent voltages and gains,Easy to calibrate systems and reduce manufacturing costs。

2.Compliance with vehicle regulations(IATF 16949,AEC Q102,-40to1050Operating temperature,PPAPCompliance)

ON Semiconductor has accumulated many years of professional experience in automotive production,Has a very complete quality monitoring system for automotive instrument products,Designing sensors and packaging through automotive certification from the outset of design。

3.905Nanophoton detection rate

ON SemiconductorSiPMNow has the best of its kindPDE,exceed12%,To2020Year reached30%。

4.High gain

SiPM的增益Yes雪崩光電Diode1Ten thousand times,是PIN二極管的100Ten thousand times。crosstalk


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