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Fenghua Full Range Of Capacitor Specifications

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FHFenghua Hi-Tech wide east wind China high new Branch Technology share Share Have limit public Division FENGHUA Fenghua Advanced Technology (Holding) CO. , LTD One、Overview ●Capacitor and media type: ※High frequency class: Capacitors of such dielectric materials areⅠCapacitor,包括通用型高frequency COG、COH Capacitor and temperature compensation type high 頻HG 、LG、PH、RH、SH、TH、UJ 、SL Capacitor。among themCOG、COH Capacitor electrical performance is the most stable,Almost without temperature degree、Change in voltage and time,Suitable for low loss,High frequency circuit with high stability requirements,HG 、LG 、PH、RH、SH、TH、 UJ 、SL Capacitor capacity changes with temperature,Suitable for low loss、Temperature compensation type circuit。 ※ X7R 、X5R :Capacitors of such dielectric materials areⅡCapacitor,Has a higher dielectric constant,Capacity ratioⅠCapacitor high,With 有較穩定的temperature特性,Suitable for a wide range of capacities,In circuits with low stability requirements,Straight、coupling、bypass、Frequency discrimination circuit in。 ※Y5V:Capacitors of such dielectric materials areⅡCapacitor,Is the capacitor with the largest dielectric constant of all capacitors,But its capacity stability Poor,Temperature、Voltage and other conditions are more sensitive,Suitable for large capacity,In a circuit where the temperature does not change much。 ※Z5U:Capacitors of such dielectric materials areⅡCapacitor,Its temperature characteristics are betweenX7R withY5V between,Poor capacity stability,Correct 溫度、Voltage and other conditions are more sensitive,Suitable for large capacity,Use a bypass with a temperature range close to room temperature,Coupling, etc.,Low DC bias In the circuit。 
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