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順絡 Inductance Specification

Auth:億配芯城 Date:2019/10/12 Source:www.473794.icu Visit:348 Related Key Words: Parallel inductance inductance 順絡 inductance specification Sunlord

Company Profile:Shenzhen Sunlord Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in2000year3month,Is a professional engaged in the development of various types of chip components、Production and sales of high-tech  Technology company,
The main products include chip inductors/Magnetic beads、Slice壓敏電阻/NTCThermistor、片式LCFilters and chip common mode chokes, etc.,And provide relevantEMC/ESDProgram。With
Strong technical force、Excellent product quality and perfect service,Sunlord Electronics wonMotorola,Dell,HP,Sony,PanasonicTrust from world-class customers,Has
Developed into the largest chip inductor in China/Magnetic bead manufacturer。

product type:Laminated chip inductor、繞線片式inductance器、Common mode choke、Varistor、NTCThermistor、LCfilter、Various types of antennas、NFCMagnetic sheet、no
Line charging coil assembly、capacitance、Electronic components such as electronic transformers。 
Parallel inductance,電感,順絡 inductance specification,Sunlord 

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