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Mobile Innovation Continues Fpcthe Amount Of Value Increases As The Amount Of Use Increases

Auth:能量云商 Date:2019/12/3 Source:hqew.com Visit:204 Related Key Words: Mobile phone FPC Dosage increase

       Previously analyzedFPCIncreasing usage in consumer electronics,But it ’s not just because of increased demandFPCDemand,There are also many aspects of innovation on mobile phones(There is also the reason that the internal space of the mobile phone is gradually insufficient.)Driven byFPCnew demand(Camera module、Fingerprint recognition under the screen、Folding screen and more。

  RecentvivoAnd Huawei distribution released its flagship models with side virtual buttons:vivoNEX 3as well asHuawei Mate30 Pro。


  by comparisoniPhoneXS MaxPhysical side buttons and currentvivoNEX 3Virtual keys,We can see thatiPhoneThe buttons used on the sideFPCMainly used to connect the components linked by the button,andVivoNEX 3The virtual side key is attached to the side of the phone through the wholeFPCFurther realized。Invisible inside smartphoneFPCUsage increased further with the birth of virtual keys。

  according toXYZoneTo HuaweiMate30 ProWatch the teardown video,inMate30 ProThe interior is already very crowded,The shape of the motherboard may be due to the layout of the rear four camera module and the battery.“Axe”,The space of the original physical side keys is already at stake。

  Cancel physical button,AdoptedFPCThe virtual keys implemented as a carrier also help to save the internal space of the smartphone to a certain extent。

  While usingFPCThe reason as the main carrier is also usedFPCThe resulting solution is more pressure-capacitive in size/inductance,orMEMSSmall solution,At the same time, the assembly and processing of the pressure sensing solution is more flexible and simple.。

  The following is Nudiri Technology(NewDegreeTech,NDT)Schematic of pressure sensing solution used and comparison of similar solutions。


  From the previously mentioned under-screen fingerprint recognition,The birth of folding screen phones,And the innovative virtual side keys in this smartphone,We think that whether it is crowded out of the internal space of the smartphoneFPCAlternative traditionPCBOr other traditional parts.,Or the innovation inside smartphones is constantly increasingFPCNo matter how much,Can be seenFPCIncreasing usage inside smartphones。

  It is understood,For example, the soft and hard board used in the fingerprint module under the screen、Larger area for folding screenLMCuseFPC、And this new virtual side key,itsFPCValue is higher than that used in ordinary mobile phonesFPC。


  As mentioned aboveVivoAnd Huawei'sNEX 3、Mate30 ProThe virtual side key used,According to what we know,For pressure sensingFPCThe amount of value is also far more than other non-modular in the phoneFPCAverage price。

  And for modulesFPCLook at,Small and medium sizeLCM(LCDDisplay module)useFPCThe price is around1800-2000Yuan yuan(Hongxin ElectronicsFPCprice),And withOLEDIncreasing penetration,LCDuseFPCWill not applyOLED,The corresponding technical difficulty may be from single-sided or double-sidedFPCUp to multiple levelsFPC,And the amount of value will grow in the same direction。


  And if the future of folding screen phones gradually penetrates the consumer market,Folding screen(Screen only)InsideFPCUsage will also increase as the screen size expands,Will also drive the screen module in the same directionFPCIncrease in value。

  summary:Stand-aloneFPCGrowing usage、New application scenarios continue to be born、Rising value,From a stand-alone point of view, we think that whether it is the Android camp in the future,Not to mention the Apple camp,Phone insideFPCUsage and comprehensive value will gradually increase。

  At the same time5GThe era of smart phone market will usher in a new wave of phone replacement,The increase in the value of a single machine is accompanied by the advent of a new era in the mobile phone industry,We believe in China under the concept of late domestic substitutionFPCThe rise of the industry will be very rapid。

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