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Intel:Find A Samsung Foundrycpurumors Are False

Auth:能量云商 Date:2019/12/3 Source:Korean media Visit:208 Related Key Words: Intel Samsung CPU

  recently,According to Korean media,Samsung Electronics acquires IntelPCuseCPU(CPU)Foundry order。To this,Intel official said,Media about Samsung foundryIntel CPURumors are false。


  A few days ago,HP、Computer makers such as Lenovo and Dell have reportedly been affected by Intel's undersupply,Vice President of IntelMichelle Johnston HolthausPost an apology letter,Admitting wrong forecasted demand,And said that it is increasing the proportion of foundry。

  Although Intel has invested15Billion dollar expansion14nmCapacity,But the status quo shows,CPUOut of stock issues persist。since this year,There are frequent rumors that Samsung will be foundry for IntelCPU,And Intel all denied one by one。

  this year6month,Foreign media reports that Intel in order to easeCPUOut of stock,Finding Samsung to FoundryCPU。Subsequently,Intel says talks with Samsung over chip production,However, we are only talking about the low-end chipset foundry.,The specific process used was not disclosed。

  Actually,Intel14nm++The transistor density of the process is higher than that of Samsung and TSMC14nmAll high。and so,If Intel outsources this part of the production,Is equivalent to giving up some advantages in performance in pursuit of productivity。

  During Intel's third-quarter earnings call,Regarding more concerned about the progress of the process,IntelCEO Bob SwanEmphasize,10nmProcess progress as expected,2021Will be launched in7nmchip,More advanced5nmThe process is also under development。

  In addition,Bob SwanAlso reiterated,Strong market demand,Does not rule out the possibility thatCPUManufacturing operations outsourcing。

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