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White Horse Test

White HorsebyMark A. Rinehartto2004year3Month founded,He is a veteran of China's business operations.。RinehartMr.'s career began with electronics manufacturing services.(EMS)Provider,Responsible operation,Training and team building。One of his main priorities is quality.,He focuses onIPC / JEDECstandard,Operational processes and quality control and efficiency。

2001year,He was transferred to the company's electronic components manufacturing business unit.,負責其在中國香港和深圳的新業務的運營和Distribution。More than three years,He is responsible for the logistics of this evolving business.,分銷,Operational and supply chain management functions。RinehartMr. has never concealed the sacred and inviolable things of Hong Kong.,From the inside out, I am involved in the quagmire of learning Chinese business.,Including customs regulations,business license,Labor Law,the most important is,How to manage and manage people。

2004year,He founded the White Horse Strategic Solution,To assist foreign companies to effectively transition to manufacturing or trade with China,And assist foreign companies to effectively and profitably transition to manufacturing and trade in China.。In addition to our well-known quality control services,The company now also provides human resources(Training,Development and recruitment)And operations(Purchasing agent,Logistics agency and workplace efficiency)service。Support the company's human resources training and development through supply and distribution chains,Improve operational efficiency,And establish effective strategies and operations,To achieve their goals in the booming market in China and throughout Southeast Asia。

White HorseSet up our test,Inspection and Packaging Business Unit,To address the growing problem of non-compliant and counterfeit electronic components。After studying the domestic market,White Horse is involved in a place where no company has previously provided quality control and operational services to foreign and domestic distributors.。White HorseEstablished standards and models for turnkey services across the global industry。

Our Huaqiang North office is also a place for pick-up and pick-up from local dealers.,Provide convenient and efficient transfer service。

now,White Horse LaboratoriesCommitted to continuously improving customer expectations,Not only provide testing and quality control services,Still in the education industry standard,Process,the term,Risk and requirements。

Almost all history and culture have a white horse image in their myths and traditional beliefs.。White Horse has always been a mythical figure of redemption and purity.,Bring people from a bad or dangerous place to heaven,Or at least a safe haven。It is out of this concept,We have derived the name of the white horse for the company.。

2007Year and beyond,White Horse Lab is more than just electronic components,And after the year-round wave of recalls and returns,Globally escalating issues begin to provide quality assurance solutions for complete electronic components and other manufactured products。 

Testing method

from2004Years since,White HorseProudly developed a wide range of testing services,Backed by uncompromising reporting integrity。

We use international manufacturing standards,AQLSampling plan and strict inspector training。Our quality engineering team's continuous research and experimentation provides creative solutions for the evolving technology used to cover counterfeit electronic components.。This kind of proactive dedicationWhite HorseAnd our customers are trying to cover the real state of the components in the market。All processes are carried out internally。

External vision detection(EVI)

The first and most important step in any component evaluation is a thorough inspection process.。We have established procedures and acceptance criteria,To detect and report re-marking,Evidence of re-laying and refurbishment。

Marking permanent and solvent resistant,Surface resurfacing,Size verification,Tag code matching,High power amplification check of subject and terminal conditions is the standard method in our inspection process。Quality engineers evaluate all inspections and observations,To assess whether we have seen new counterfeit technology or manufacturing analysis。This service is available in our Hong Kong and Shenzhen facilities.。

In order to evaluate components from the open market,We helped write the book

EVISample report


Check and analyze components to check hardware integrity and changes between devices in a group。however,Not all variants mean counterfeit equipment。Understand the manufacturing process and how the manufacturer's supply chain and engineering controls work,We can determine when changes are based on manufacturing rather than forged indicators。

ourXThe ray system is real time,Can rotate objects on all three axes,Excellent imaging capabilities and analysis of individual components and assembled boards。

Board level inspection can identifyBGASolderability problems on the top and through-hole connections that are not visible through optical inspection。Look at the photo below,You will see a weldPCBAThrough hole bucket。IPC-610Process standards require at least75%Bucket,And on the board,Top side holes are not visible through most components。byXRays,We were able to verify that these assembled boards are out of specification and need to be reworked。


Destructive testing,Remove the insulation material of the component,Exposing the mold。Then analyze the mark and structure of the die,To determine the traceability and authenticity of the device。Gundam1,000Multiple magnification is necessary to identify mold marks and surface analysis。

Our decapsulation report includes analysis of mold marks and terrain,To clarify verified content with unverified devices。We not only send images and keep the analysis for you。

Rugged photos are a good example。The required device isMaximLow noise,Low voltage precision operational amplifier。Decapsulation displayADICompany and“8002”Chip mark。This is also an amplifier,But a current feedback amplifier。These packages are the same,But the device is obviously a kind ofMaximAlternative amplifier types for devices。

XRay fluorescence(XRF)Materials Analysis

Spectrometer for measuring lead-free and conformingRoHSControlled components in standard devices,And determine the composition of the plating material。We also use this device to help detect repair and resurface components by measuring changes in coating thickness and surface material composition.。

Imagine this situation - The above equipment should be a medical grade connector with gold-plated leads。Although the leads look really golden,butXRFIndicates that they are only the copper base metal of the lead frame。Gold plated for perfect electrical connection。In medical applications,No second chance。

Solderability test

This is not a fake detection method.,Because oxidation naturally occurs; however,This is an important functional issue,Especially hot,Wet climate,Such as the southern states of Southeast Asia and North America。Joint standardJ-STD-002Through hole,Surface mount andBGADevice test method and acceptance/Rejection criteria。For nonBGASurface mount device,Appearance and appearance,BGADevice“Ceramic board test”Recently incorporated into our service suite。It is recommended to use inappropriate packaging,Acceptable packaging but more than one year of equipment,Or show contamination of the device on the pin for solderability testing。


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