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   中國電子元器件中心laboratory,AbbreviationCECC實驗室(CECCLab),As one of the global third-party component testing organizations,National Key Support Laboratory,Member of China Semiconductor Industry Association,
IECQ-CECCQuality Standard System China Sub-member。CECCLaboratory test analysis standards are based on international standardsJEDECstandard、 MIL-STD-883standard、IPCstandard。

    CECCLaboratory integration of national integrated circuit base、Hong Kong University of Science and Technology、Chinese Academy of Sciences、Hardware resources of Peking University and South China University of Technology,Casting one of the most comprehensive in the country、Highest endICMeasurement
Test certificate platform。Now has the most advanced international
ICTest machine and analysis equipment:United StatesCredencethe companyElectra MSR 100MHz、Japan VTTthe companyV777Large scale integrated circuit logic test system、 
Treadyne J750Mixed signal tester、ADVANTEST R6741AMulti-channel precision power supply、ADVANTEST TR6846Digital multimeter、Agilent16804AHigh-end logic analyzer、Agilent81133A 
 3.5GHzSignal generator、AgilentE4443ASpectrum Analyzer、Verigy V50Test machine、TektronixDSA70604 6GHzOscilloscope、TektronixTDS2024Oscilloscope Germany、Rohde&Schwarz ZVA40High
Network analysis instrument、Germany
Rohde&Schwarz NRPdynamometer;Failure analysis instrument includesDECAPUnpacking machineSEMScanning electron microscope、X-RayPerspective machine、EMMILow light microscope、FIBGather
Focus ion beam microcircuit repairing machine、Reliability and environmental analysis instruments include:
ESDandLatch-upTest machine、High and low temperature impact test chamber、RoHsFluorescent detector, etc.,Its total value exceeds 200 million yuan,Base
This solves the high-end
ICTest analysis needs,For domesticIC
Industry test verification links make up for vacancies。

    After many years of operation
CECCThe laboratory has been successfully completedICTest verification of nearly 20,000 cases,having lots of experience,CompiledICTest verification professional information19this,The most practical teaching material for the domestic industry
CECCThe laboratory is oriented to academic research,Driven by market demand,For the domestic and international high-endICDesign company、EMSManufacturing plant、HeavyweightICSpecialized by sub-sellersICTest verification and element
Failure analysis service。 

Specification comparison

Test items:Specifications(Datasheet Comparison

simple         Jie:Alignment of component pins with specifications。

square         law:Analysis of simple electrical performance parameters of component pins,To confirm that it is consistent with the original specification。

Standard         quasi-:JEDEC &CECC

Applicable situation:Analytical components are one of the non-original auxiliary methods

excellent         Potential:Short construction period,Accurate results

inferior         Potential:This method is not applicable to some components.,Such as different brand alternatives、MOSFET。

case analysis:                     

Contrast analysis of pin uniformity


Comparative analysis of pin inconsistency



Test items:Acetone wipe(Permanency Test)

simple         Jie:Wipe the component silkscreen with chemical acetone,以Detection其是否為重工。

square         law:Using the chemical agent acetone to fix the component silk screen、Fixed number of wipes。

Standard         quasi-:JEDEC &CECC

Applicable situation:Analysis of the results after silk screen wiping on the surface of components,Determine if the component is re-screened after sanding,Analytical components are one of the original or non-original auxiliary methods

excellent         Potential:Short construction period,The results are intuitive and easy to understand

inferior         Potential:This method is effective for non-original ink screen printing,Invalid for laser-etched silk screen。

case analysis:                     

Before and after the ink is wiped



Test items:Lead-free/RoHS檢測(Pb-free/RoHS testing)

simple         Jie:國際Standardquasi-要求的環保檢測項目

square         law:Indole cation chromatography、Ion selective electrode method、Atomic absorption method

標         準:RoHS(2002/95/EC)

Applicable situation:Detecting whether component materials meet environmental requirements and relevant international standards。

excellent         Potential:Accurate results,International standard。

inferior         Potential:General need3-5Working days,Longer construction period。


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